Eat food from farmers markets.
Drink good tea each morning.
Read books that make you feel.
Paint, even if you’re awful.
Write, even when you have nothing to say.
Sit in the fresh air outside.
Go on hikes.
Swim in lakes and wade in streams.
Sleep as long as you need.
Work hard at what you love.
Work hard at what you hate.

Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

- How to stay Happy   (via seulray)

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Two greats running together- Jenn Shelton and Scott Jurek!

She touched down on the Valley floor! Around 4:30pm Saturday (4 days, 9 hours), Jenn Shelton completed the 220 mile John Muir Trail after three unsuccessful attempts. Krissy Moehl stopped at mile 136 with major GI issues. Both are doing well now. Congrats ladies!
Jenn making her way to Garnet Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

i think i would enjoy this very much
Runners have an unspoken bond that’s unmatched in any other sport. We’re trusting of complete strangers. In every other group I’ve joined in my life, trust is earned gradually—it has to be proven. With most runners I’ve met, trust is assumed. We support each other immediately and without hesitation. More than any other group, my running friends are fiercely loyal. I don’t know why “good people run,” but I have a guess. We build relationships outside in nature, forcing us to leave the stress, anxiety, and societal pressures behind for just an hour or so. We leave the drama at work, family stress, and we just focus on the run. All we need to have a good time is a pair of shoes. -

Joanna Reuland, marketing manager for the San Francisco Marathon in an interview here. (via malloryrunsthis)

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